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Terms and Conditions

You (the client).... Sorry but my lawyerese is not very good.


  1. You are free to chose any brand of paint. Please contact a sales rep if needed to get more information. See painting products to find a paint store.
  2. You need to chose the colours and approve all brands prior to work.
  3. You need to provide a detailed painting plan in writing by print, email or text that includes all locations, sheens and colours. Ex. What colour and sheen is used on baseboards? What colour is the ceiling in the washroom?
  4. Most suppliers do not guarantee that the colour swatch will exactly match the paint.
  5. You need to be available to check all paint colours. It's best that you make sure colour is ok under average lighting conditions before the paint goes on the walls.
  6. freaking out cartoon
    You might not be stopped from making disastrous colour choices.
  7. There is no return on paint if you don't like the colour. You agree to pay for paint and labour in the unlikely event you don't like the colour, sheen, finish or product.
  8. Leftover old paint is generally not used. Using leftover paint is at your own risk.
  9. You need to keep record of the colours, products and sheens in case the same paint is needed in the future.


  1. Pets such as dogs and cats should be keep in a safe location.
  2. Children should NOT be running freely in the work area. There are many hazards during painting. Ladder falling on kids?
  3. Move delicate objects and valuables out of the work zone. Dust and spillage can damage anything. Not everything is cleanable.
  4. You are responsible for moving the furniture, stove and fridge without floor damage.
  5. You need to inspect everything for damage prior to painting. Know your existing floor and furniture damage.
  6. Surfaces must be clean (no oil, soap film, urine) and be without pet fur and dust. You need to vacuum the top of baseboards if necessary. Consider hiring a cleaning company prior to painting.
  7. Areas should be free of clutter and obstacles.
  8. Often wires such as cable, ethernet, power cables, phone and adapters need to be unplugged prior to painting.
  9. Please know if your house can be pressure washed without leakage. Not responsible for water damage.
  10. Intensive preparation such as restoration, refurbishing, paint stripping, sculpturing, refinishing and power sanding not included unless noted on the quote.
  11. You need to request if you want carpet protection film (protects new carpet). It's about $25/box.
  12. Job site must have troublefree in/out access without burden of preventing pets escaping. Often many trips to the van are needed to get gear.
  13. It is extra to remove and reinstall attachments for painting such as tv mounts, shelving racks, vent grills and wall plates.
  14. Door knob removal and installation is extra.
  15. You need to announce if you require completely dustfree operation.

Normal Work Hours

  1. Work days are Monday to Friday 9am-10am to 5pm-6pm

Quality Level

Below are general unless noted otherwise on the quotation.

  1. By default you get up to 1hr of drywall repairs unless the quote species more time. While every effort will be made to repair damaged walls within a time limit, some minor damage may remain.
  2. Previously painted walls get 2 coats.
  3. Previously painted trim gets 1 coat.
  4. Hidden areas not painted unless requested. Ex. facia backs, inside wall above closet doors, around window blind tracks.
  5. Unpaintable surfaces are not painted such as silicone and teflon.
  6. If spraying is not specified on the quote, the surface is rolled and brushed
  7. Repainting newly painted surfaces made dusty or damaged by other trades is extra.
  8. Touching up old paint on trim and and ceilings is extra.


  1. Rework due to screw-ups are not extra.
  2. Paint is extra and whatever the paint distributor charges is the amount owing for paint.
  3. Labour amount doesn't change unless work added or subtracted.
  4. All materials are extra such as tape, caulking, masking, floor paper and carpet films.
  5. Estimate can change if not all details were available at quote time.
  6. Boom lift costs are extra.
  7. If your exisiting paint is alkyd, it'll be extra for a primer coat or sanding.

After Work Done

  1. You need to vacuum drywall dust and dryfall dust off everything.
  2. You need to move furniture back.
  3. Final payment is due before 6pm on completion day of painting by check or cash. Payments within 30 days by Paypal or eTransfer. Completion day is determined by the painter.


  1. You are aware that fumes from solvent based primers may pose a health risk.
  2. Stoves and fridges should be movable without risk of floor damage. You must move the stoves and fridges if there is a high concern of floor damage.
  3. Not responsible for lost or stolen items during painting.


  1. Estimates expire in 3 months unless noted otherwise.
  2. Your estimate maybe declined if
    1. You're not the property owner. This includes prior to home possession.
    2. You're a real estate agent that don't own the property
    3. You're a competitor
    4. You don't know what needs to be painting (This really happens.)

When you hire Valois Painting you agree to these terms and conditions.