Valois: House Painter for White Rock


Valois Painting is a house painting company with one painter and no other employees. Maybe you only need one painter. It's an alternative to painting companies that hire painters that are not well known. Valois offers privacy, security and consistent quality.

Price range is $474 to $12000.

Operating Hours

Open Monday to Friday. Opens 9:00am. Closes 6:00pm.

Exterior Painting

Above 24 feet, exterior painting is done by a rented lift if it can be driven around the house.

Interior Painting


Houses, offices, shops and companies.


All brands of paint can be used for painting of rooms, doors, trim and ceilings.

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This painting company is not going to win awards with this video. The house painting is better than the video production.

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Location of Valois Painting


Valois Painting is located in Surrey BC.


Areas Served

Valois Painting provides painting services to White Rock BC. Generally painters near you charge less but check in case.

Valois Painting is located about 25 minutes away.

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