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Valois Painting is one house painter providing painting services to all of Surrey BC. Sometimes one painter is all you need for consistency, safety and quality. This is one way to avoid painting companies that use painters that are not well known.

Valois Painting was was started 2006.

This painting contractor is fully insured.

Operating hours are Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.



If you are looking for ceiling painters, door painters or wall painters, this is the right painting contractor to get indoor painting.


Unlike like some exterior painters, outdoor house painting is done up to 24 feet by ladder. A lift is used for higher homes if it can be driven all around.


If you're looking for strata painters, commercial painters or residential painters, then you found the right pro painter in Surrey BC.

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The best interior painters get reviews over many years. See Google reviews.

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Generally nearby commercial and residential painters charge less.

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Strata painting, commercial painting and house painting services are done is this area. If you're looking for south Surrey painters or painters for Fraser Heights, then you have the right painter.

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