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This painting company doesn't have a bunch of house painters. It's one house painter that does all the work for consistent results, greater privacy, security, control and flexibility. It's one way to dodge Langley painting companies that hire unknown painters. Sometimes all you need is one painter. Contact for a quotation.

Towns and Regions

Dan is a house painter that provides painting services to Langley areas such as Walnut Groove and Fort Langley and Murrayville.


You have the right painter if you're looking for:


Interior House Painting

Repaints and new construction painting.

You have the right painter if you're looking for:

Exterior House Painting

Above 24 feet high, a lift is used if it can be driven all around. You have the right guy if you're looking for garage door painters.

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The best house painters get good reviews over the years.

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Dan Valois

A Painter Near You.

Looking for painters in Langley BC? This house painter is almost in Langley not far from 200 Street.

General Service Area

This professional painter provides residential and commerical painting service to all of Langley, Langley City and Township of Langley.

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