Valois Painting - House Painter for Coquitlam BC


Valois Painting is a house painting company with one painter 30 minutes away from Coquitlam.

Business started in 2006.

This painting company has $2000000.00 liability and Worksafe.

Dan is nonsmoking and speaks clear english.

Operating hours are Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.

One House Painter

You get more security, privacy, control, flex timing and consistent quality with one painter. Sometimes all you need is one painter. This is an alternative to hiring painting companies that hire unknown painters.


You can get house painting, condo painting, townhouse painting, apartment painting, office painting and painting of commercial spaces.

Exterior painting is done by ladder up to 24 feet. Above 24 feet, a lift is used if it can be driven around the house.


You can get wall painting, ceiling painting, trim painting and door painting. It can be repaint or new construction.

Requesting a Quotation

Email or text floor plans, photos or photo links, video links or videos. See the Contact page.

Min charge is $632.00 for labour.


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Dan Valois

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