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House Painting in BC

This house painter sometimes provides services to other cites in BC when accommodations are provided at no added expense. For example, Dan has done months of house painting in Whistler, BC.

For other cities in BC, please go the contact page and email or text. You can email floor plans or photos to help with estimating a price.

About This Painting Company

Valois Painting has only one house painter. This is your alternative to using companies that hire questionable transient painters. Sometimes all you need is one painter for consistency, safety and quality.

Valois Painting was was started 2006.

This painting contractor has $2M liability insurance and worksafe.

Dan sometimes uses a sprayer on doors, walls, ceilings, trim and doors.

Exterior house painting is done up to 24 feet by ladder. A rented boom lift is used for higher homes. Interior painting can be a repaint or from new construction.

Operating hours are Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.

Visit the Valois PaintingValois Painting homepage for more info.

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Payment Accepted

Cash, cheque, Paypal, EMT, but not credit card.


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Getting a Quotation

Visit the contact page to text or email video links, videos or photos to help quote on your project.

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