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House Painting Services White Rock BC

Paint is extra and rates include gst. Min charge $474.

Painting Interior House Walls

  • 2 Bedrooms

    At worse $632.00 or $79/hr whichever is less. 2 coats
  • Painting Stairwell

    At worse $474.00 or $79/hr whichever is less. 1 level. 2 coats.
  • 2 Washrooms

    At worse $632.00 or $79/hr whichever is less. 2 coats.

Painting Ceilings

  • 1200 sq. ft. of Ceiling

    At worse $316.00 or $79/hr whichever is less. 2 coats. Empty area. Offspray on walls allowed.

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Painting White Rock at Home.

You can have this rock for free when you need a painting estimate in White Rock BC. It's still only painted on one side.

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Payment Accepted

Cash, cheque, Paypal, EMT, but not credit card.

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Dan Valois


Dan is an interior house painter that provides painting services in White Rock BC.

His painting company is a member of BBB and insured by Worksafe BC and has 2 million liability insurance.

Opening Hours: Mo-Fr 9:00-17:00

Valois Painting only has 1 painter near White Rock. It might be all you need. No other painters are hired. This is your alernative to painting companies composed of students or transient painters from White Rock.

Business located in Surrey BC and founded in 2006.

Dan only knows english language. He knows about airless spray painting, when to use primers, wall repair and common pitfalls.

White Rock is in the Valois Painting Service Area

Valois Painting Distance to White Rock BC

Generally painters near you charge less.

Valois Painting is located about 25 minutes away from White Rock.