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Interior House Painting Rates for Langley/Surrey BC

Paint is extra and painting rates include gst. Min charge is $474CAD.

Painting Cost for Interior House Walls

Painting Cost for Ceilings

The 2020 rates for this interior house painter is $79/hr (gst included) with a ~6 hour min charge for labour in Surrey BC and Langley BC. Cost of paint is extra.

The labour cost is capped at the quoted number of hours. For example: Say 80 hours is quoted and then the job goes over 80 hours then your bill will be for 80 hours plus whatever the paint store charged for paint. If the job is going faster than expected, you will be billed for less hours.

2 coats on walls in a master bedroom is often 2-4hrs. 2 coats on walls in a washroom is often 2-4hrs. Spraying 2 coats on a 1200 square foot of ceiling is about 4hrs. Stairwell walls 1 level 2 coats takes about 4-6 hours.

If you prefer a flat labour quote then the most forecasted hours will be used for the flat quote.

Valois Painting operates in the $500 - $10000 range for home interior painting in Langley and Surrey BC. $4000 seems to be the average job. The invoice amount will be the total labour plus the total of all the receipts from the paint store. You get the paint store contractor discount! Paint can range from $20/gal to $85/gal depending on brand and manufacturer that you select. Most of the total price variability will be from paint purchases. If you specify a brand of paint, you will get a more accurate quote.

1 Gallon of Aura Paint + Eco + PST + GST. You can choose less expensive paints.

Pricing is Based on a Collection of Competitor Quotes

Valois Painting collects competitor quotations. Feel free to give me all your quotations before or after hiring me or after hiring the competition. Collected quotations are used to keep pricing on track.

Painting Prices Depend on Many Variables

How to Save Money on House Painting

July and August are generally the most expensive time for interior painting. Cheapest time for interior painting seems to be January to March. If on a budget check out Cost Saving Tips. Offers considered. Example, "Can you paint my living room for $300?"

Painting companies generally don't publish rates. It might be to make it more difficult for competitors to quote. Perhaps it's to help reduce formation of competition. But most likely it's to test the most you'll pay for house painting or to have flex to raise prices depending on demand.

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