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Photos taken with permission at job sites in White Rock, Surrey and Langley BC.

You may get asked if it's ok to photo certain situations.

All photos are original and taken by Dan Valois.

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Tall is good for painting.
Rare instance of colour transition on wall.
Please keep the dog in a safe place.
Grey is in fashion.
Pressure washing removes flakes.
Keep cat figurines in a safe place.
Ceiling repair in progress. Mesh is inset.
Large painting project.
A customer set this up for me lol.
Please unplug your equipment.
Precision masking.
Some acrylic paints have poor adhesion on alkyd.

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It's ok to idiot proof your walls.
Painters paints from 2018. Grey Grey Grey! Pick your colours from painters pants. It's the same colours from all the interior designers πŸ˜›
Sometimes the contract is to paint walls only. But check how much of your existing colour is slopped on top of the baseboards. Your baseboards may need painting too.
Dear Jessica Ament : Your message was reveiled after wallpaper removal in 2017. I regret to inform you that your message is now painted over and will not be discovered again.
Half Barbie says, "Please vacuum your pet fur before the painter starts."