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Calling or SMS(texting) Valois Painting

Tap on number to call (604) 308-6473 (Text preferred.)

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Text is preferred over email to verify the next quote time and availability. House painters in Surrey get many 🤖 robo calls and spam. Calls from 250, 778, 236, 672 and 604 are answered when able. Try other ways to contact if you are waiting too long for a reply.


Email if you must but sending a text is better. Sorry that it's not one step to email. This site gets hit hard by spam bots and solicitors.

Email Filtering

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Try the Least Stable Email Address

This email address changes after any spam. You might need to keep coming back to this page to get a valid email address this way. Make sure your email is about getting a house painting quotation or it could be automatically filtered.

Check your email after sending. You need to respond to an auto reply for your email to go through.

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Attention spammers: This page uses experimental techniques to generate real and fake email addresses.

Try the More Stable Email Address.

This email address is more stable but may change when spammed too much. Instructions: Login. Allow your geo location. Email is displayed. You must be in BC.

  1. This is your user name: painting
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  3. Click on this link and enter user name and password.
  4. Allow permission of your geo location.
  5. Temporary email address appears below.

Please call or text if your email bounces. Perhaps include your phone number in your email in case your email reply doesn't get through.

Business Hours: Mon-Fri 09:00 to 17:00.
Have decor and colour plan ready before contacting.

Communication Details

aliens guess telephone is a cow

Here's Why I Prefer Text (sms) Over Voice Calls and Voice Mail

If possible, send a text. It's better.


Only Phone is Cell Phone

Voice Messages


Chat from Desktop

General Phone Conversation Flow

If you do decide to call, you can use the flowchart below as a guide.

Call painter flowchart

Written Quotation Request Examples

Hi. When can you give me a quote? I'm in Fraser Heights Surrey. Thanks. Jill
I need an interior quotation in Surrey. Call any day after 5pm. 604-308-6473.
I need a whole house basement painted by Oct. 30. Let me know about availability and when you can give me a quote. House is in White Rock.
I've selected the colours for my house. Can you give me an estimate on Sat or Sun between 10am and 2pm? Or any day after 5:30pm. I'm located in Walnut Groove. Please call first 604-308-6473. I don't check email often.
I'd like a quotation for the walls only. The walls are going from dark brown to white. Doors, trim and ceiling are fine. I have a day off on Apr. 5 if you come by before 6pm. This painting project is in Cloverdale Surrey. Let me know what time you can be here.
I have 2 estimates from other painting companies and I'd like to know if you can do better. It's for painting the whole upstairs such as doors, trim, ceiling, walls and closets. Let me know if you can come by tomorrow at 2pm. I'm in Willoughby Langley Township.